Mpumalanga's waterbirds


Mpumalanga's waterbirds

The water birds of Mpumalanga and their habitats are well known to birders throughout the world.

World Tourism Day


World Tourism Day

Next month, on 27 September, the world celebrates World Tourism Day.

Newsletter Noro Wa Hina


Newsletter Noro Wa Hina

Welcome to Noro Wa Hina Lodge’s newsletter, for all of you who love South Africa and the African Bush. We like to keep you informed, excited and up to date about any news or changes.

Ranger caught in extremely close ...


Ranger caught in extremely close encounter with lion

This close encounters of the wild kind at at a game reserve in Mpumalanga is the stuff all legendary safari experiences are made of.

Riverwild 4 x 4 Trails, Mpumalanga, ...


Riverwild 4 x 4 Trails, Mpumalanga, South Africa

Fancy off-road driving on demanding 4x4 trails? Then take yourself off to Mpumalanga. 

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