The city has various major shopping centers and malls

The biggest city near Marloth Park is Nelspruit (now Mbombela) the capital of the Mpumalanga Province and within 96 km distance.


One of the main reasons to visit Nelspruit is the Lowveld National Botanical Garden, just outside the city. A beautiful 159 hectares with rugged, rocky river scenery with plants and trees a wonderful heaven for visitors. The two rivers, the Crocodile and the Nel run through it, which makes the garden of unique quality.


The city has various major shopping centers and malls, the most notable being Riverside and Ilanga malls.


There are many citrus farms in the area. It is a key agricultural manufacturing hub for northeastern South Africa. Major industries include the canning, juicing and extract of citrus fruit and other produce. Fertile soils and the subtropical climate provide perfect conditions for the growing of citrus and tropical fruits, mainly mango, banana, avocado, papaya and macadamia nuts. The region produces over 700 tons of macadamia nuts.


Sugar is also big business in the region. TSB, the producer of Selati Sugar is located a few kilometers east of the city. The low lying areas in the region is covered with sugercane farms.

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